[PHOTOS] $895 ~ $865 (Negotiable): Toronto, Eglinton+Islington, Bright rooms at the 1st floor (!= basement), Steps to all amenities, Close to biz parks. Richview HighSchool District
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지역 Etobicoke 월 $1000미만 성별무관
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* Location

The safe, quiet, friendly and high-demand PRIME neighborhood.

Steps to all amenities. Don't have to travel for foods, groceries and Dr.s. during the 7 freezing and stormy winter months a year.

* House

COVID-proof and free detached house.

Large green front and back yards.

Currently no kids and pets on premise.

Not a tenants-crowded house. Currently 1 (max up to 3) housemate (s) only.

* Room

Bright (big windows) and fully furnished. Just move in.

Built-in closet and multi-drawer chest (specious storage space to help things sorted and arranged.)

Hardwood (no carpet) floor.

* FAQs

Not a basement room (dark, damp, poor air quality, spiders and centipedes crawling, molds growing behind the drywalls.)

Not a shared room (shared by 2 or 3 people; absence of privacies, lighting and noise interferences during sleep.)

Not an apartment or condo room (common spaces shared with strangers.)


All utilities (water, hydro, garbage collection, etc.) for normal usage.

Central air cooling and heating: 22C ~ 23C year around.

The Bell Fiber Internet: fastest and unlimited.

2 bathrooms (hot relaxing RAIN showers) and 2 kitchens: currently only 1 (max up to 3) housemate (s) to use. Your own drawers in the vanities.

Kitchen space and access for light cooking: stovetops, ovens, coffee grinders and makers, espresso makers, waffle makers, toasters, microwaves, eat-in tables, etc. with your own storage space at counter-tops, cabinets, fridges and pantries.

Weekly uses of in-house state-of-the-art laundry machines, washer and dryer.

Access to the back and front-yards and their beautiful patios for your perfect coffee, tea, smoking and drinking times.

Access to comfy living room and its acoustic piano for your play and rests.


* Yes for

Provincial COVID-19 prevention protocols.


Smoking: outdoor and at patios.

Guests: different and infrequent ones during daytime and overnight.

Planting: at yards.

Parking: a drive-way parking spot: $50 / mo.

* No for

Illegal substances.

Borrowing address for Richview High School admission without actually living (illegal.)

Guests: routine and frequent ones.

* No particular house rules in presence.


All amenities are in walking distance.

The central geographical hub of Greater Toronto Area. Easy access to the major cities such as Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, North York, East York, Bolton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, etc. for works, businesses, shopping, errands, travels, excursions, etc.

* Walk to

3 minutes: Restaurants (Pizza Pizza, Subway sandwich, Indian and Asian cuisines, Meal-Kits, etc.), physiotherapies, RexAll pharmacy and groceries, Service Ontario office, convenience store, TD bank, Canada-Post office, brand coffee-shops (Second-Cup and Timothy World Coffee, easy to meet friends and clients), swimming pool, tennis court, smoke-shop, bus stops on Eglinton street, huge green parks (perfect for the safe early morning joggings), Toronto Public Library, and the future Superstores and underground subway station.

7 minutes: The Ontario's famous Richview Collegiate Institute / High School; The best address in town for one of the Ontario's/Canada's best school districts for an ambitious student. Also teaching French language for the students aspired to become the perfect bilingual for her future government career, bus stops on Kipling street.

* Driving to

5 minutes: Walmart, Costco, No-frill Foods Store, BestBuy, IKEA, Canadian Tires, Home Depot (including gardening centers), etc.

7 minutes: The major business parks, Toronto Pearson Airport. The zone #1 (cheapest) for airport taxi/limousine rides.

20 minutes: Toronto downtown core, and the Union Station.

* TTC Ride to

15 minutes: Kipling Subway Station.

45 minutes: Toronto downtown core, and the Union Station.


Move-in: The standard 1st month rent and last month deposit.

Minimum 3 month initial term.

Month-to-month renewals from the 3rd month start.

1-month advanced move-out notice.

All email inquiries will be answered within a couple of hours.

A safe viewing is available with a day advanced appointment.

Rent might be negotiable depending on the situation.



It looks like Koreatimes.com sometimes can't get emails sent out.

For the detailed inquiries, please send your quick message to sysselon@gmail.com directly from your email applications, e.g., hanmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. Thank you.

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